Elementary for a good game


Player: a term used to describe a player

Team: term used to refer to two players playing together in four-ball match play

Team: A term used to refer to a set of players on a team.

Holder: the player listed on the team formation sheet

Reserve: the player listed on the team formation sheet as a reserve player

Home club: club responsible for the control of the federal card and the management of the Exact Handicap of a player

Game: between two teams

Match: between two players, and / or two foursomes, and / or two teams

Flight: sub-division

Team’s composition

Pep’ss Golf Cup consists of 24 teams divided into 4 flights of 6 teams (flight A-B-C-D). Each team consists of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 8 players. Professional players are allowed to participate under hcp 0.0.

Each team must be represented by 1 captain and 3 holders at each game day.

Pep’ss handicap criterias :
3 players <12.5 handicap
3 players> 12,5 handicap
2 players between 0-28 
 -> the maximum handicap is 28.0.

Courses & Timing

« Pep’ss Golf Cup » will be played on 9 holes. The tournament will take place only at 7 Fontaines Golf Club.

Team’s Composition
Each Captain will receive his login and password to access on the management area. « Team Manager » can register his team until 12:00. The clashes will be online from 16:00.

The Game day will start in shotgun from 19:00. A horn will be done to mark the beginning of each clashes. Welcome starts at 5:30 pm.

Prize Giving Ceremony
The awards ceremony will be held on wednesday 17th of June at 7 Fontaines Golf Club.


« Pep’ss Golf Cup » clashes will take place in Match Play.

2 lowest handicaps players will play in Single Match Play.

2 highest handicaps will play in 4BBB Match Play.

Players are aligned in ascending order of handicap.

Players get approx 75% of their handicap depending of the course & slope ratings.

Players are requested to communicate their results to the recording directly after the clashes.


– Situation if 3 players are playing (1 player missing) :

The 4BBB is represented by only 1 player.

– Situation if 2 players are playing (2 players missing) :

The 4BBB clash is compulsory.

Final rounds

Pep’ss Golf Cup is sub-divised by 4 flights (A-B-C-D). After the 5 first rounds of qualification, each 1st ranked teams are qualified for the semi-finals. The other teams play for the final ranking.


Pep’ss Golf Cup collaborates with WAMP (We are Match Play). To learn more about the app, please download WAMP.

Points & Rankings

2 points per match won.
1 point per equalized match

Team’s Ranking

Team’s are ranked according to the addition of points earned during the clashes.

Individual Ranking

Players are ranked according to the addition of points earned.

No show :

In case of no show, the team or the player will be awarded by 2 points and 4 & 3.

 Team separation:

The tie between two teams will be first against the direct confrontation, secondly by the addition of the « ups » collected by the team.

Publication of results:

The results will be available on the event website:

Exact handicap and tee boxes

Ladies : RED TEE


« Mulligan »  

A « mulligan » on the first shot at the first hole is allowed. Be careful, when the player decides to play a « mulligan », the second ball becomes the final one.


The use of GSM is prohibited at the Club House.

Severe weather

In case of heavy rain or thunderstorms, the game day will be canceled. This decision must be communicated by the organisation.


Each team must be represented by a logo.


Each team must be represented by a team uniform