Update #3 | New 2020 Schedule !

Dear Friends !

What a great news ! Golfers are permitted to play under strict conditions from the 4th of May ! This is a first step but keep in mind that “we maybe have won an important battle but not yer the war” !

Due to the current situation about COVID19 and to increase the chances of running the event, we decided to delay one more time the launch of Pep’ss Golf Cup 2020 for a few weeks. Our priority is the security of the players and we follow strictly the rules communicated by the government.

Here is the new schedule :

Wednesday 17 June – Round 1 
Wednesday 24 June – Round 2
Wednesday 1 July – Round 3
Wednesday 8 July – Round 4
Wednesday 15 July – Round 5 | Royal Waterloo Golf Club
Wednesday 22 July – Round 6
Wednesday 29 July – Round 7

IMPORTANT : This schedule could be modified depending the coming updates about health regulations indicated by the autorities.

We are still focus on the set up of Pep’ss 2020 ! We hope to see you as soon as possible on your top condition to kick off this 5th edition all together ! Waiting for the first date please stay home and take care of yourself and people surround you !

Best regards !

Kick Up Team

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